A Word on Goals

In years past my approach to New Years Resolutions has usually been to keep a rough mental list of some things I’d like to accomplish and then I would promptly forget about it all just a few weeks in.

This year I wanted to try something different — I wrote them down.

What I realized is that having a hard copy to reference made me more motivated to work towards accomplishing what I had written down, and having the ability to physically cross something off after completion gave me an extra sense of satisfaction to look forward to.

For 2019 this is what I wrote down for myself to accomplish.

As of writing I’ve completed 3/10 with four more in active progress.

There’s a piece of wisdom I’ve heard while working with Allen that has stuck with me and I’ll paraphrase here:

If we accomplish all of our goals we probably weren’t ambitious enough

There’s a tight balance between accomplishing too much and not accomplishing enough. I won’t be satisfied if the year ends with me at 30% completion rate but I know that as long as I continue working towards them I’ll be happy with the effort I gave.

Brady Valentino

Brady Valentino

Visual Designer & Photographer